Hebrews 10

The author of Hebrews continues to encourage the believers to persevere. The grounds for this perseverance is the person and work of Jesus Christ.  After Jesus finished his High Priestly duties he did something none of the other High Priest had ever done.  He sat down. 
He had finished something no other High Priest could ever say they had done. This leads to the importance of church meeting together and encouraging one another.  How? By pointing each other to the great high priest and this finished work. Its a calling that all believers have: to help each other continue to trust and look to Jesus during trials.  This is why church attendance is so important.  If we aren’t meeting together how can we be encouraging one another. The second way the author helps to keep folks believing is he points out the dangers of unbelief. The dangers of sin and the reality of God’s punishment against sin. Even warning “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”. The final form of encouragement comes in a history lesson a reminder of how they were treated for associating with  other believers and it costing them their possessions, the point wasn’t to remember how bad it was, but to remember how much joy they had despite the opposition.  They joyfully accepted the plundering of their property. This is the reminder to see how much Christ has sacraficed for you, so that when you suffer, you can do so with joy because of the reality of forgiveness.